Vibrator Enhances Dump Performance

Dump bodies from Towmaster Inc. feature the Cougar® DC-3200 12V Truck Vibrator from Martin Engineering. Located at the center front on the underside of the body, the vibrator delivers 4,000 cycles per minute with 3,200 pounds of force, releasing sticky materials and eliminating the need to raise the body to its steepest angle. This eliminates the need to get in the body of the truck and shovel out the corners.

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Think Clean: A Blog By Dick Stahura, Sr.

THINK CLEAN®: Durt, The Movie!

Mr. Peterson came up with the idea of doing a non-promotional film to educate engineers and end users about the issues, and to help us sell more conveyor products in the process. He engaged the services of a professional filmmaker -- the talented and respected Bob Swanson -- investing $200,000 during a period when that sum represented a large percentage of our sales for an entire year.

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THINK CLEAN®: How Can I Lighten Your Load?

When I first joined Martin Engineering in 1963, it occurred to me that many of the problems we encountered were the result of fugitive material – carryback, spillage or dust that escapes from conveyors to increase cleanup and maintenance expenses, shorten equipment life, increase the risk of injury and otherwise damage an operation’s efficiency.

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Higher Training Standards Reduce Customer Liability

The Martin Engineering equipment installation staff, service technicians and silo cleanout crew converged on our Neponset, Illinois headquarters to experience a new form of training in addition to their annual OSHA and MSHA certification. It was called “Life Safety.” The Life Safety program introduces staff to a risk management mindset that encompasses not only work, but home and personal life.

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Kewanee High Robotics Advances To State Competition

The Kewanee High School Robotics club has advanced to a state championship playoff for the third time in their five-year history. As participants in a national competition, they designed their own robots to accomplish scoring tasks, assembled robots and entered the robots in regional and state competitions. One of two teams placed in the regional and will compete in the Iowa state final at Coralville on February 22.

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Truck Vibrators Help Eliminate Carryback

Martin Engineering has introduced a new line of truck vibrators. Martin’s Cougar® truck vibrators help drivers ensure complete emptying of bulk materials, reducing the need for personnel to enter dump beds for manual cleanout. Minimizing the need for people to climb into or out of a truck bed, helps to avoid the potential for injuries.

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Dusty Trail - Fugitive and Combustible Dust Presentation

Sub-bituminous coal is highly combustible and handling it presents a unique set of hazards. Various regulatory agencies have set standards for moving, storing and burning sub-bituminous coal. This presentation provides information and statistics on the dangers, as well as proactive strategies to prepare for compliance with these regulations.

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