CleanScrape® Primary Cleaners

CleanScrape® provides unmatched cleaning performance and is guaranteed to last up to 4x longer than any existing cleaners. CleanScrape® provides the lowest operating cost with the greatest return on investment over the life of the cleaner. Covered by our industry-best Absolutely No Excuses Money-Back Guarantee!

Installed at a 3-dimensional helix angle across the face of the discharge pulley, the revolutionary CleanScrape® Primary Cleaner requires minimal space for installation. Because the CleanScrape® Primary Cleaner is equipped with tungsten carbide tips and applies minimal pressure to the belt, it’s safe for use on mechanical splices, making it the most versatile belt cleaner on the market.

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Product Specifications

Belt Width Up to 3000 mm (wider on demand)
Belt Speed Up to 6 m/s for mechanical splices, up to 8 m/s for vulcanized splices
Pulley Diameter 300 mm to 2000 mm (larger diameter on demand)
Temperature Between -20 degrees C and +80 degrees C
Corrosive Conditions Yes
Underground Applications Yes (requires check with individual local regulations)
Compatible with Reversing Belts or Roll Back Yes
Accommodates Mechanical Splices Yes


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CleanScrape® Cleaner Improves Operations At Coal-Fired Power Plant
A coal-fired power plant was experiencing massive amounts of carryback on the belt conveyor, which runs 24/7. Bottom ash and water requiring constant cleanup, and the wet, abrasive material caused premature component wear and presented a potential hazard of slips and falls. Standard belt cleaners lasted only days, and ceramic-reinforced models delivered just two weeks' service.
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CleanScrape® Cleaner Improves Operations At Rock Quarry
A rock quarry was experiencing carryback on one of its conveyors. Leading from the quarry to the interior of the facility, the outdoor portion of the belt was exposed to extreme weather, even though it is covered. Material adhered to the return side of the belt, collected around the mainframe and gummed up rollers, requiring downtime for maintenance and raising the cost of operation.
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Chute Clogging And Spillage Corrected With CleanScrape® Cleaner
A coal-fired power plant was having chute clogging and spillage issues. The existing primary and secondary cleaners allowed uneven discharge of material, which clung to chute walls and caused clogging, requiring periodic downtime for adjustment. The blade edges wore quickly, causing enough carryback and spillage to encapsulate the cleaners.
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New Belt Cleaner Saves 24 Hours Per Week In Cleanup Time
An aggregate facility handles 1.5 million tons of limestone per year. After experiencing excessive carryback on their existing conveyors, they wanted to make sure to address the issue when adding a new conveyor. The plant spent 16 to 24 hours per week cleaning up. There was also excessive damage to the conveyors.
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CleanScrape® Belt Cleaner improves plant efficiency and profitability of Arcelor Mittal Gent
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