Tata Steel KPO Letter of Appreciation

Published: May 11th 2018

With this letter, I would hereby compliment you and your organization for supplying “MARTIN Conveyor Display Stand” at our Training Centre in Kalinganagar.  As this training centre was newly established, our newly-joined employees have been largely benefitted in gaining their knowledge from this type of Conveyor Display Stand.

During the installation of the equipment, the professionalism and commitment shown by your people were in the highest level.

Till date, we have trained 152 technicians and 34 officers on this display stand.

On this device, we are able to show components on the conveyor belt, different conveyor belt accessories like impact pad, self-aligning arrangements, different types of scrappers, and chute cleaning devices like the air cannon, etc.,

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for supplying this learning stand and creating a learning atmosphere.

Thank you,


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