Sonic Horns Remove Buildup From SCR Catalyst Screens
Product Types Used Air Cannon Solutions
Solution Installation
Industry Coal-Fired Power
Customer Coal-Fired Power plant in Southern US


Martin® Sonic Horn sonic energy de-bonds particulate over a 360-degree sweep, cleaning inaccessible parts.

The coal-fired power plant handles over a million tons of coal every year. The SCR catalyst screens had major build-up on them, decreasing productivity and efficiency. The existing sonic horns were not working properly and not improving the flow of material.


Martin® Sonic Horns prevent dry particulate build-up, to increase system efficiency and life

MartinPLUS® Service technicians provided and installed replacement parts for the existing GE Sonic Horns. Martin recommended retrofitting the horns with Martin® Sound Generators to increase material flow while saving the plant money by utilizing existing parts/products.

Martin® Sonic Horns generate and magnify low-frequency, high-pressure sound waves to cause dry particulate buildup to resonate and fluidize, allowing the material to be removed from the vessel by constant gas flow or gravity.


The plant is extremely happy with the results, especially since it was not necessary to purchase any other flow aid products. The Martin® Sonic Horns have completely eliminated build-up on the catalyst screen.


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