Coal Mining Industry

Solutions for the Coal Mining Industry
From the lignite mines in Germany to the powder river basin mines in the Western USA, or the open pit mines in South Africa to the underground coal mines in Norway, we serve every coal mining industry around the world.

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Belt Cleaning Solutions P1115 - Coal Mining Solutions
Reduce maintenance on belt cleaners
Rheinbraun AG, Erfstadt, Germany

Transfer Point Solutions
P1214 - Coal Mining Solutions
Containing fugitive material at Sasol Synfuels, Secunda, South Africa

Flow Aid SolutionsP1213 - Air Cannon Solutions for Coal Mining Industry
Material build-up in export silo
Phola Coal Plant, M
pumalanga, South Africa

Dust Management SolutionsP1237 - Dust Management Solutions for Coal Mining Industry
Dust containment at a Coal Mine
Jining City, Shandong Province, China

Flow Aid SolutionsP1155 - Air Cannon Solutions for Coal Mining Industry
Accumulating material in stacker tubes
Kanawha River Terminals, Ceredo, WV

Transfer Point Solutions P1281 - Transfer Point Solutions for Coal Mining Industry
Dust issues at transfer points
Yanzhou Dongtan Coal Plant in China

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